RVRE subdivision concerns and progress

The WHCA and PBRRA are working on the 3rd stage of our campaign.  

Stage 1 was gauging community feelings – the communities are overwhelmingly opposed to high-density housing covering our hillsides and detracting from amenity values. 

 Stage 2 was the 2 associations and many people putting in submissions to the Growth Strategy and Plan Changes that could affect the area. (And thank you so much to those of you who spent the time researching and writing, and did put in submissions)
It was a shock and wake-up call to see how much land the Council proposes for future residential growth and frightening to think this may be zoned as RVRE (permitting high-density housing). They are simply not getting the message from the communities out here. 

 Stage 3. We are at present analysing the Growth Strategy submissions.  A summary of these submissions is here. A full copy of all the submissions is here (3.2 MB download).

 Stage 4 is to obtain the document that the council is preparing on ‘mitigating the effects of the new district plan rules’ from their side  and working from there. This is  taking council longer to prepare than we expected, but we are keen to see their response to our real concerns. 
  On receipt of this document, the community associations will review and assess it. In the meantime, your associations will be developing strategies on how we might move forward and we expect to call a joint community meeting in the near future.